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G2 Purple High Heat Epoxy Style Brake Caliper Paint Kit System
    G2 Purple High Heat Epoxy Style Brake Caliper Paint Kit System
    Purchase G2 Purple High Heat Epoxy Style Brake Caliper Paint Kit System
    • SKU: G2165
      G2 Purple High Heat Epoxy Style Brake Caliper Paint Kit System

    • $44.95



    Color:  Purple

    This top-of-the-line BRAKE Caliper Paint System Set from G2, is the most complete and easy-to-use kit available and includes everything necessary to paint four (4) standard sized brake calipers or two (2) drums in your driveway or professional performance shop.

    G2 has specially contracted chemical engineers to research and develop our two-part paint which now offers the highest heat resistance on the DIY aftermarket (up to 980 degrees)Easily applied as a brush-on, the paint adds a great styling touch to any brake caliper ultimately highlighting already stylish show-through rims.

    Not only is the G2 system attractive, but it offers great chemical and physical protection to the caliper. Brake fluids and dust, road salt, dirt, even loose gravel can't harm the high-gloss finish of G2's BRAKE Caliper Paint System.

    The G2 BRAKE Caliper Paint Systemâ„¢ has many advantages over spray-type paint because it will not flake, and it dries much harder than any rattle-can product. Our paint kit is so attractive and reliable that G2 offers a 100% product performance guarantee.

    Each kit is hand-assembled and all of our materials are 100% made in the USA! Included is a high-performance aerosol caliper cleaner, mixing can, stirrer, application brush, installation instructions and a color decal.

    The G2 High Temperature Brake Caliper Paint System Set contains approximately 3 1/2 liquid oz. of paint and approximately 1/2 liquid oz. of reactor, yielding 4 liquid oz. total when mixed, which will cover four (4) standard brake calipers or two (2) brake drumsHowever if you have over-sized calipers on the front of your vehicle and/or if you are planning on painting your brackets, rotor caps etc. you'll probably need two kits.

    When you purchase a quantity of 1, you will receive 1 paint kit.

    Please note This kit contains an aerosol cleaner which CANNOT be shipped to ANY destination other than a valid street address deliverable within the 48 States, we must therefore REMOVE the aerosol brake cleaner can for any APO, AK, HI, PR, GUAM, and all International shipments.